What is wrong with using wix for dropshipping


Well. Whichever “local” type you deal with, whether it’s local to local, local to worldwide, if there’s no app to handle the inventory management, you’ll be in for a real big suprise if you have lots of prods on your platform that you absoulutely cannot keep track of.

As a start, i’d not go through the hassle.


What i want to tell you is not what you want to hear :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless its an insult, go for it!


In case you have 2 legs and 2 arms , what you are doing - judging from the information you shared - is really inefficient. You are trying to safe maybe 50$ , but the decisions of trying to safe money on it is consuming already so much of your time… reading left and right, posting here, making a thread, doing research, that you could have made back that amount of money with literally any online job already and your shop could be online and running already.

If you want to get into ecom you want to get traffic that converts first before you think about any optimizations. Because especially in your situation - not going the 0815 dropshipper way - on what data will you try to base your decisions on? You don’t have any data.

Get your fucking shop online asap and drive traffic in whatever way you feel comfortable with. Get the shit done and don’t overthink it. What does it matter if your shop is running on wix, shopify, or whatever if you don’t know how to drive traffic that turns into sales? It doesn’t matter. I have seen shops convert that look like a big pile of ****. Cold traffic won’t convert most of the time anyway, especially on mobile traffic.

EDIT : Don’t sell more in value that you can afford to lose. If you think only IMers are online scammers, then you haven’t seen the average consumer yet :smiley: “didn’t receive package”, “came damaged”, the list is endless.


Thanks for your honest comment and for pointing out the weaknesses of my approach.


A big part of the IM community are procrastinators, because IM is advertised as the “free money”, “earn while you sleep” and “passive money way”. But you can ask anyone into IM who is earning a good amount of money - or even earning enough to cover their life costs - and 99% will tell you its so far away from these 3 advertisement sentences.



LOL someone showed my that yesterday! Thanks man!


It’s like why not imacross or why not autoit, why using Massplanner :smiley:

Probably You never thought about conversion pixel fb ads, seo, data analysis, re-targeting user, snip the fingerprint of the user when open the website, etc.

A solid foundation it will make our business become solid as well.


Thanks @DaveNL, I follow your journey and saw you had complaint about woocommerce’s performance over Shopify. What did you end up with?


I went back to woocommerce and a better VPS with more ram, that was the best choice for me


Hello im using wix its pretty Nice but the problem is that u cant found a lot of tools. The one that I wanted arent available but they are considering to add them. But yet u Still Have to change what u planned.


I’ve been using Wix for dropshipping from Aliexpress for about a year. I quickly learned the pitfalls in the lack of integration with Aliexpress and lack of tools to help me round that. I ended up selling products for less than they cost me as I wasn’t aware of price changes, and I had to cancel orders made after discovering that a product may have disappeared all together. It can also take a long time to get products from Aliexpress onto Wix. However, I’m a builder, so I created some web automation scripts to check up on my products on a schedule (I have about 90 at the moment with a view to getting many many more very soon), so I’m always aware of price changes, offers, disappearing and reappearing stock. Some might say, why bother… well at this point I was fully invested in Wix having got such a cheap offer and not wanting to risk much at the time. I enjoyed the challenge of fixing things myself too. Either way, my chrome extension I made public last week helps people quickly grab details from Aliexpress product pages to quickly upload lists of products into Wix. You can find it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ali2wix/gpejlfengkjnjajbgaeoeolimfeimmem?authuser=3


Any ecommerce guys who want to join a Telegram group to share ideas and tips. Send me a pm.


I am not using Wix for dropshipping, however I am using it for my agency and I must say, it is fuc**ng slow! It takes about 10-15 sec to load the front page and I already have the “Unlimited” plan (the one in the middle of the 5 different plans). I got it for a pretty cheap price and got a super good deal, that I even lowered more with a yearly payment. I basically got a website, domain and one email address for about 100$/year which is great.

So just according to these small factors, I’d advise you to think about how much money you want to spend and where you really want to save money and where you should maybe invest a bit more. I cannot tell you how it is working with ecom but for my “simple” however with a lot of pictures and well designed website it is already running kind of slow. I do not wanna know how it’s gonna be, when you added 100+ items on it with all the pages, products, pictures,…


It has no relevant amount of plugins to improve analytics, conversion tracking, print on demand, etc…


If you want focus more on marketing rather then setting up your store, you need Shopify.
It basically takes care of all the technical things so you can start asap.
The appstore have a lot of apps which help in increasing conversion rate, messenger abandoned cart, a lot of plug play apps which are not available for wix.

I am using Shopify from 3 years now, just using it because it saves me time & hassle.


Shopify, minimalistic and simple I’ve built over 20 dropshipping stores. Shopify is the answer and it will just make your life easier.