What is your adult niche follow back rate?

My niche is adult.I grow my Twitter accounts use Follow/Unfollw and tweet.Follow sources are followers of the big audlt accounts.But the follow back rate is only 5%.
What is your adult niche follow back rate?
And any tips or advising?

5% is small for adult niche, you need to have good profil to increase the chances of follow back, and use filters (for exemple : don’t follow people who don’t have profil picture)

I use a real girl profile picture.Not very sexy but very real.And post some pictures of her everyday.
I use filters:profile picture,bio,the number of tweets,likes,followers,followings,follow back rate.
I don’t know what went wrong.
I follow the followers of the big adult accounts. I found many of them are adult account too.It’s hard to filter real target.
Any advising?

Back when I had adult accounts on twitter my follow rate was about 15-20%

it did get saturated tho. Maybe it just changed

39% to 45% real girl tho and Germany isn’t as saturated