What it is really a human behavior?

I just want to share with you my thoughts about human behavior on Ig.
For a strange reason most people think that in order to emulate human behavior in J we need yo set wider intervals and so on.

So these days I focused on how teenagers use IG and I tried my self to do manual follow and like on Ig as a person who wants to have attention following a lot of people.

Well. If you check how teenagers use IG in the subway or on the bus, you will see that they do one like every 2 seconds and they follow a person every 4 seconds. Of course not real data but just to put it in perspective.

I managed to follow 35 people in 50 seconds. It’s like 1 and a half follow per second.

So since we are talking a lot about simulating human behavior, are we sure we are doing it right?

Just my 2 cents to the community folks. Hope u find it useful or something what can trigger interesting thoughts.



Interesting thoughts. I agree and have thought about this before. We’re all so unique in how we use it.


That is why there is often a theory that there is no such thing as “human behavior” and automation is possible only because IG allows it.


In addition, you get rate limited even when you send manual Dm’s. Does modeling automation closer to human actions actually bring any benefit?

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For this reason (different age = different user behavior) I don’t believe in “typical human behaviour”.

For me there are just the things Instagram does allow and the things Instagram doesn’t allow. The only way to find it out is by split testing with only one parameter changed at a time.


Yep this is correct but the parameters are to many in J. It could take years.

This is the only thing which counts. Absolutely agree there.

Also if you could figure out what human behaviour is. Do you really think ig is checking all the parameters all the time? Ofc they don’t.

So you can only try to figure out what they allow and what they dont allow.

If you start from the human behaviour side you will optimize a lot of things instagram is not even checking.

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