What kind of ban is this? Please help

Hi Guys,
I searched the forum but can’t find anything similar to my situation. Two weeks ago I got blocked from certain actions on IG. I got a notification that said the link in my bio is against IG policy. So, I apparently my website was hacked and the link led to a spam website. So, I removed the link in my bio. However, it has been 3 weeks and Instagram is still showing me that pop-up- that I have an invalid bio link even after it’s been removed. I am blocked from commenting, liking, following, or writing captions on my post. I contacted them multiple times and nothing worked. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this? I tried deleting and reinstalling the app…still doesn’t work. Thanks in advance!


Maybe you just got hit with limits for this month, just wait until next month starts, maybe they remove the blocks

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Thanks for the response! I just found out why I am blocked. My website is marked as “spam” by IG because it got hacked. I am trying to move my domain to a different server. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.