What kind of Instagram services can you offer to clients? Any ideas?

Hello guys, right now im offering follow/unfollow manual growth for my clients and for very few - content creation.

Do you guys have more ideas what else i could offer? Almost all clients need more sales/customers, so maybe Instagram ads would be a very good way for that? Please tell me your opinion what other kind of services i could offer to clients, thank you!

I am offering Follow/Unfollow but also offering automating all the other operations like comments, likes, story views etc. So basically entire package that Jarvee’s offering.

You can offer logo creation, hashtags research, bio creation and edit, spinning syntax creation, automated content posting, etc. It depends on how much broad you want to go, what you know to do, and what you want to learn if you are not doing something at the moment. :slight_smile:


likes / comments / story ADS (great to increase sales/lead) / videos


anyone in this forum experienced with ads? story ads? i need someone who could help me with perfect ads so i could help my clients to have more sales, thank you!

you can post an official thread on #public-marketplace and see if there is anyone offering that service.