What kind of posts can I make to grow this account?

I have this business account that’d I like to grow but I am not sure what kind of posts to make to have quality content. It’s an eBay business that buys and sells used electronics. This is the account. I find it difficult to find this niche on instagram as well.

Well if you fix these electronics yourselves you could create videos of you fixing them engineering other stuff and post daily or weekly

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Yeah this was my immediate though too. If you get well known for making short entertaining videos about fixing stuff that could definitely create a good audience.

Connecting a person to your account might be a good idea, not because it necessarily sells more used electronics but because it helps you build a loyal audience that wants to see YOU fix stuff.
Also behind the scenes material if you have an interesting studio or something else to show off is good.

YEP.Thats a good idea

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