What limits are used in Jarvеe now?

Hi all! Tell me, please, who uses what limits today in Jarvey?

If you are interested, write - I will be happy to tell you about my limits.

During this month, I managed to bring more than 700 targeted subscribers to the client to sell his services.

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180F/100L/180UF daily but do stick to 6000 actions per month.

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150follow and 150unfollow a day and no like …
DM only new followers …

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Yes, for me, sending messages also works only for new subscribers. Liking is disabled

I think you can safely raise up to 250.

does some one can please send me settings ?
I experience constant blocks


Hello friend, you will have to try different configurations since each account has a reputation for Instagram and the same configuration for all accounts does not really work!

And if someone tries to sell you that configuration privately, they are cheating you, be very careful with them, please.

thanks for your replay !
i would be happy to understand better the configurations method
how the procecss works ?

Hello, You will have to play with the times, and the actions that you carry out every hour and every 24 hours, I think that none of us have the perfect formula