What Makes a Good Source in Your Opinion?

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I am really curious to here anyone and everyone’s opinion on what factor or fators truly makes a good source.
For example, for a profile source, is it the ER, the amount of followers, etc.
I have tried sourcing in many different ways, but I haven’t found anything very specific as to what makes a good source in general. Even after a few years of being in this industry, I can’t seem to figure out what that factor is. I used to source based on ER, but we all know many influencers buy likes and comments, so this makes it very challenging.
My sourcing right now is good, but its not what I feel it can be. Any now with such low limits, its important to make every source count.
I would love to hear any insights you may have. :slight_smile:


I’m also making a collection of parameters for good sources right now. With the current challenges of scraping I also think it’s very important to have sources which are getting enough likes or are growing by a good amount of followers on a daily basis depending on if we use followers or likers of target accounts. This is not directly affecting the fbr but it does in the long-term. Especially with the limits we have right now, we should try to avoid wasting time on sorting out sources which are giving low results or no more results at all as much as possible. For example one source has a very high fbr, but then it gives low results which is holding the account back from teaching daily limits. Then we need to delete this source and find new ones which could lead to some valuable follows beeing wasted right there.

About factors which are directly affecting the fbr, I really try to look at things like age demographics for example. Is the source account and it’s audience in the same age range as my client and his/her audience? Basically I try to more and more look at the parameters that we have in the ads manager for facebook/instagram ads.

The best sources are definitely the ones which are using f/uf themselves but those aren’t many unless the client wants to target his audience internationally and not too specific.

So I try to find accounts which are as similar as possible on the first look of the content but also on a deeper level like age, demographics, interests, etc.

Would love to hear other options as well!

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Thanks so much for this, @roy!
Totally makes sense about the age thing, and I honestly never even thought of that. This is why I love this forum, because I learn things that I would have never even thought of on my own. :slight_smile:
Agreed, sourcing is more important than ever right now.

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I’ve been struggling a lot with my sourcing so far and this helped open my eyes a lot. I think I’ve been trying to target an audience that I want rather than looking at the one that fits my niche right now.


for the age filtering best method to achieve this is find a bot scrapper that based on ai will give an estimation of the users age based on face recognition

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@jmarie What’s your FBR right now? Mine is at 5% lol. I think the average is about 10%?

I average around 10% as well, but I think I could do much much better. Things were crazy for me with the “get help logging in” issues and they kept me super distracted, but I’m ready to buckle down and get my FBR up!


You should consider delivering some likes along your F/U strategy, you can multiplicate your FBR by 3 without a problem :slight_smile:

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Do you mean like after/before follow?

i remember before a long time it was a big list of good follow back sources categorize by niche on this forum
so if someone looking for a good international sources i recommended to looking for this list

i find the post for you
i use it long time ago its was a TOP follow back ratio

I only like “before” following, as it looks 200% more natural. Liking after following a profile doesn’t make sense to me ; you first like a picture or something from the content of the account, then you follow.

You always try before you buy, right ? I think it also makes sense for them, when they see a Like, then a Follow. “Oh, probably not a bot this one”


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Makes sense :slight_smile: Do you do this on every follow?

I agree, this makes sense from a psychological perspective. I’m doing it the same way, I just have the like before follow at 90-95%, just to add some general randomization. But on the other side it wouldn’t surprise me if normal users aren’t thinking so much about that. Sure, we do from the marketing perspective but normal user will follow if they like the content, the rest is just a small % of their decision. Especially now, where not so many people are automating. In times where everyone spammed the same emoji comments, chances could have been higher for that behaviour.

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100% the truth and nothing but the truth.

A like before following only gives the target an extra notification that you exist.


Agreed. I think the pages content is the most important thing. Whether its a slave or a client, they have to be “followable”. I personally put so much time into my slaves because I am all about the quality of them.

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Of course, content. I didn’t even talk about shit content. It’s useless to think about any strategy without a HQ page ; who has shit content, won’t have follow back, for sure. But with F/U only, i can’t even approach the %FBR i can get with a Like prior…

A like prior, or a comment, it means that you actually appreciate the page, and then follow. Normal users aren’t all dumb, many of them already know the F/U system. Like + Follow makes you stand more compared to all the only Follow competitor, it makes the Follow more authentic actually

If it was only that, i probably wouldn’t hit 30% FBR on average


Yes, that extra notification helps. Anyways. :joy: