What methods are you using nowadays for clients acquisition?( Instagram clients management)

Hi guys! Since cold emailing is illegal and I don’t want to get in trouble because of doing this method, i’d like to ask you, what are other ways to acquire clients for ig clients management service?

I’ve heard people are acquiring clients through Linkedin marketing , also through google/fb ads, Instagram DM’s… Can you guys tell me what works for you from your own experience?

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Facebook ads are more helpful for me.


Cold marketing is not all bad . you have to find those specific clients or prospects
who will be interested in your business, you have to Build trust with your client and show that you have done lots of project

I am just curious, has anyone got into trouble because of the cold Emailing?

cold emailing is stil a good way to get clients, but you can use IG dm i have been doing that and it’s working great just make sure to stay below 25 dm per day.

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@Ins You can also join FB groups related to social media growth service. There, you can publish your service and help other group members address their concerns.

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