What Next For Snapchat?: A Look At The Recently Published Patents

Snapchat inc recently rolled out a failed attempt to update their app. Though they did not roll it out globally, users in Australia, Canada, and the UK reviewed the update negatively. So, what next for Snapchat? The social media hub is looking to bring 3D models and emotion-detection to the smartphone. They published these ideas in two patents in November last year, but they remained private till mid-March 2018.

The first patent.

The first patent is about simplifying the 3D creation process. Instead of buying third-party devices to capture your 3D images, the idea suggests the use of smartphones with the help of Snapchat’s app. It seems far-fetched, but the idea is to map an object or face and use guided motion to create depth maps for 3D rendering.

The patent goes further into detail, on how they intend to pull it off. When you initiate the 3D creation process, the app will help first assess the environment then display recommendations. So, if there is low light, the app suggests a possible solution in a bid to simplify the 3D rendition process.

Further, the app instructs you on how to go round the object and the angle to use. In case you move too fast or anything changes, the app shows an onscreen message to suggest possible solutions. However, the patent is not clear about where the technology is applicable, but maybe something will come up in due time.

Second patent.

In the second patent, Snapchat suggests using the face mapping process to detect emotions during a video chat. The program will first ask for the approval of the user then create a facial mesh. This mesh is programmed to detect any changes on the face then return a report to the users on the other end. Therefore, it is particularly helpful to customer care departments.

Snapchat suggests a three-person model for the emotion detecting app, a supervisor, a customer care representative and the client. The supervisor receives all the data of the communication between clients and customer care representatives. This way, a business can quickly determine if the representatives or products are doing well or not.

Snapchat Inc is not the only one looking to make an emotion detecting application. Facebook is also working on the possibility of detecting and analyzing emotions through the camera, touchpad, and keyboard movements. Therefore, the Snapchat’s idea might be helpful to businesses that need to gather emotional data from their client.

Although many patents never materialize, there is a chance that we shall be constructing 3D images with our smartphones very soon. It is a bold move, and we are all waiting to see how the app will look and work. And due to the growing popularity of video in internet marketing, businesses may have a cheaper way of creating 3D images of their products for online use. The second patent targets the customer care departments. We just hope that they shall stay true to the part where they ask for permission before mapping client’s faces, and address the big question; what next for Snapchat?


They are also sourcing user generated content which is smart move if you ask me.

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