What niches for instagram (Incentive)

Copped (20) three month old IG accounts. What niches should I do? looking to split them into 3 so (7 acc in one niche, another 7 in one niche, then 6 in one niche.)

There is no bigger secret of internet marketing then choosing the right niche.
good luck with that :slight_smile:

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I am the habit for nuns niche. The skys the limit here!

i think it really depends on how you intend to monetize your efforts, or which affliate programs or products you have better access to than others…

if you are growing accounts for the sake of growing fastest, then travel, jokes/memes grow relatively faster than others.

don’t pick photography, especially portrait photography, they grow really slow, but i have no choice, i’m a photographer, that’s all i have to sell.

lastly, pls pick the adult sex niche, i’ll be your most faithful follower. i will promise to like every one of your posts, leave lewd comments, and DM you digusting pictures

Any niche you can make a million dollars in. Go into one ur passionate about and know more about…

Cool! I’m actually a photographer too…

Going of what @PortraitPhotography said you can also promote adult cam offers etc for them Adult IG accounts depending on what type of offer you want, you can end up earning money for a long time since some offers do it so everytime the person purchases " tokens " to enter a cam offer you get a commission, it lasts forever so whenever they buy you get a commission even if it’s 1 year down the line from when they signed up.

Adult is out of the question.