What online business would you start in 2021?

Hey guys, i’m watching plenty of youtube videos “online business ideas to start in 2021” and I see a lot of people recommending to start these:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Print on demand
  3. Building an emails newsletter
  4. Being a micro influencer or micro influencers manager
  5. Selling on amazon
  6. Starting your Youtube chanel

Do you guys have any ideas what business I could start? I don’t have much investment. Also I don’t want to do anything illegal. I want to do only 100 % legal business.

Many ideas, many choices , but what business do you recommend to start guys?


I think what ever you do for a business is that, you should be good in that field which you want to start.My first recommendation :slightly_smiling_face: My friend starting a youtube channel regarding painting’s, sketches, canvas, handwriting’s etc because he is good in this field and then we also sell them on amazon as well as on many other sites and apps…
so think about your forte first and then research on that and after that u can start the desired field


I’m launching a hashtag-helper service for Instagram. I believe, we can make it the best in the world.


I recommend affiliate marketing. If you are good and have good sales funnels and have a good services to sell.

hi, im interessino about your hashtags tool . thanks

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I’ll share it when it is ready. Stay tuned


Very good thanks so much, write me .

I’ll suggest getting into Influencer Marketing:- This is a hot & trending topic in 2020 and even in 2021.

I’m also thinking of getting in included in our services as I’ve access to social media influencers who have to reach up to 25 Million [Maximum], covering all niches.

I started my own mobile proxy farm. This business started from the need of quality mobile proxies to manage my social media clients. Before this, I tried many mobile proxies from different suppliers but they either was not dedicated as the seller sold the same proxy to multiple users to increase the profit margin or they had stability issues.

I wont say what I think about all ideas you listed but 5 is good.

Look for the demand in online area and also think if you can supply that
Business needs customers Feedbacks to meet customers need
all above business works well
if you are able to meet peoples requirement you can have really good business

What do you guys think of print on demand. Ive putted about 350$ and still fb ads is left.
So the question arrives Is it worth it to put more in this business model?

Print on demand is good option of startup
And having a fix amount is not enough to start a business you have to add on small small thing in it…
And you have invested 350$ as you said if you can invest and add on 100 more dollar stuff it will give you definitely good result…
And from my side i thing print on demand is good start up if you are good at it just go with the flow

A virtual assistant business would be very successful today, as remote work is here to stay. You can really focus on what you are good at, whether that has to do with managing email and social media accounts, invoicing, market research etc.

Start by putting yourself in the shoes of small business owners, and observing the kinds of services they would need.

if you dont want to invest with money then you should go with Starting a Youtube Chanel.
you can make a vlog of your daily life.

I will go with Affiliate marketing.

Do you have any recommendations of what are good companies for affiliating?

affiliate marketing and youtube channel, i can’t see that platform dying any time soon they are only growing year after year so it would be good idea to start a youtube channel as side businesses.

I recommend affiliate marketing.

I will prefer selling on amazon.