What Other Marketing Forums Do You Frequent?

I just made a post about this being my favorite marketing forum (and it is)

but that being said, I’m curious. What other forums/websites/FB groups are you guys frequenting?

I think it would be great to make an official list of these resources for everyone to access.

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I go BHW a bit but nowhere near as much as here


I only spend my time on mpsocial because here is the least amount of circlejerking. Also if the service or products you provide are shit you will get burned, not like on BHW where you have the “seller protection”. It is a great community to be part of!


Same here haha

Thats what I like about this forum also. It’s a small enough community to where you’ll essentially commit account suicide if you try to screw anybody


All thanks to y’all :beers:


Wahaha … don’t get me started on the amount of BS those Jr vip spout on a daily basis.


Cmon, we have seller protection here too :slight_smile: but also buyer protection :slight_smile:
and we don’t allow shitty services to be sold at all.

I used to spend a lot of time on BHW, now I just login occasionally. MPSocial is my priority. We’re small community, trust each other a lot thus we share much more then people on BHW.

Check homepage there. You won’t find one useful thread right now.


That was my point :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t get sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:


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BHW, WF, they are great marketing forum too…

Once you reach Level2 on this forum , you wont need or want to go on other forums anymore :slight_smile: Everything information you need to make a long term living in IM is here :innocent:


Yeah i just like find a purpose to visit a forum, not just have interaction but to gain much knowledge,haha…


Right now I am going to web hosting forum. I am kind of bored with marketing forum. It seems every thread is simply a repeatition. It’s time to enrich mu knowledge by visiting other type of forum

blachhatworld is very good,visiting that from dec 16, since then started IM, learned affiliate marketing from there.

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I´m part of a Spanish Marketing community that´s pretty ok for the networking since im starting, is called TeamPlatino, but it requires buy in. The cool thing about that community, as I said before, is the networking. Thanks to it I now keep skype contact with this guy that has 24 years and has millions, he is a facebook pro and since we like each other he coaches me frome now and then on the way to go with my fan pages, great tips and techniques, wich I then share over here once I tested them.


Same here. I also visit BHW and this forum regularly.

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Mee too.I started in Dec 16 in BHW and thread related to “IM Journey” is very inspiring but sometimes I feel that 5 out of 10 posts in BHW is posted by “seller” who will try to sell you something (gmail accounts,tricks,ebooks etc).

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