What panels to use for IGTV likes?


Hey everyone, I have a client who is looking to increase their Instagram IGTV likes on their videos. I tried using JAP but the likes are not processing. Would you guys be able to point me into the right direction into what panel I should use? I know a lot of panels are down due to the most recent update but any help would be greatly appreciated.


Checkout https://instantsmo.com/services

Note: new users need 3-4 manually reviewed payments before the auto paypal approve


Thank you, I will surely check them out.


Try https://www.JustAnotherPanel.com, quite cheap and seem to work well for me.

Same thing goes as @alossra said, new users can’t instantly use PayPal or credit card, have to use something like Webmoney, Btc, Altcoins etc.


Can confirm, this panel’s IGTV likes are working effectively.


:sweat_smile: Really happy to hear that bro :fist_right::fist_left: Great!


I can vouch for this pannel, I used it in the past and they deliver the IGTV views in time!