What pc or server to get for scaling Twitter accounts

I want to scale my Twitter operation in the new year

I run around 40 accounts now but I want a separate machine or 2 or possibly a server to run 200 to 300 and follow/unfold ow

Am looking at 3.9 ghz 32mb ram around £500 each

Would this be cabal to do the posting for 200 to 300 accounts 10 to 15 tweets a day ?

Then separate same machine to do all the following/unfollowing

I don’t want a VPS as want a one of cost for equipment that can use for other purposes if needed

Electricity isn’t a cost to my it’s inclusive in my office rent

Would 2 pc be the best option price wise or a server ? Would like some opinions on this guys

I’d suggest you go for 2 of them if you can, it’s better that way, also what you listed above should be quite ok for 200-300 accounts .