What platforms are you using for Instagram emails scraping nowadays? Jarvee?

Hey guys, what platforms are you using for Instagram emails scraping nowadays? Jarvee? Instaparser or any other?

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Instaparser is useless. Most people either code their own scripts or pay someone to do it.

I just bought a new setup myself. Was very costly but looks a lot faster. Havn’t tested it fully yet so need to find a way to scape at a good speed but not kill all the scrapers.

Jarvee works fine for me, I’m using it to scrape different type of data, there are some API blocks from time to time but other than that it works fine

I scrape 1 million a day with my own tools.


I use jarvee to scrape

I am using Jarvee as well. Of course it’s not easy, especially if you’re scraping thousands of results, but it is doable.

Same here. Needs to be multithreaded

can you give more details about what are you using exactly?

Custom scraping services, since IG emails aren’t a publicly available information.

Whilst I can’t vouch for what he uses, a lot can be done with python scripts in this area. Python developers are also quite cheap if you search well enough, just if you choose to post ads on upwork and such be prepared to get ridiculous quotes for thousands of dollars haha. Will need to sort through obnoxious agency offers.

Edit: P.s. if you put up an ad, make sure it doesn’t specifically state you want to scrape Instagram data, since it’s not ‘legal’ you will get your ad taken down and account flagged. Be vague about the job specifications, like saying ‘looking for experience data mining developer on Instagram on python’ or similar.


nice, thank for the clarification, I might give that a try in the future :+1: :+1:

After you scrape, what do you do?

For emails most people are using them to sell something or gain clients. So, cold emails etc

Hard part is you want a scraping system that runs with hundreds of parallel accounts, that have great delays and limits. Otherwise a single account doing scraping will take forever to get 10k emails

it depends on what you want to achieve with that data, you can sell it or you can use it to make money (email marketing…etc)

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I’ve been using InstaReaper. Works very well

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Just wondering what proxies do you use? DC or mobile?.. any recommendations on proxy, account providers?

Hi createdautomated, again it crosses my desk. I’ve been on the fence with Instareaper, curious what your primary feature(s) you like in comparison to Jarvee?

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Instareaper got shut down by IG, they make you pay for scrapers and the scrapers are terrible. I had 20% die on login and got no refund.

Then on low limits within 3 days 50% of those died. He stated on the site that he would give a refund to those that just joined. But, refused to give me one.

The guy is an affiliate spammer which sets his bot up to use only his scrapers and proxies. So, you can’t use your won which is cheaper. Then won’t replace them.

On top of that the bot has bugs. Grow me organic was 200% better and that had lots if issues itself.

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Can you tell me anyone can make a tool for me

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