What program was used for this?

Dear MPSocial members,

I’m currently trying to create a promotional video for one of my web projects. The challenge is to explain my potential customers how the webform on our website works.
Instead of just recording the screen and doing a voice over or something, we want the ad video to look more professional.

The idea is to have “drawn” website video. Don’t get me wrong, we do NOT want whiteboard animation.
An example of what we are looking for is this:

We basically need an animated webform with a few effects such as mouse klick, buttons that move, some spinning effects etc.

Please feel free to share your ideas!

Thank you! ! :slight_smile:

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Adobe Illustrator + Adobe premiere
i’ll send you my paypal email in a PM :smiley::joy:


Adobe Illustrator + Adobe premiere

@fokus : you didnt say that only the first one is getting the reward. So… will I get also the reward?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You guys are so clever. I love it. :joy::heart_eyes:
Anyways, thanks for the answer @AbuBakr.

thanks ? i want the 20$ man .

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Okay, just kidding (of course :slightly_smiling_face: ) . But when @AbuBakr has provided the solution, he actually deserves it. I am sure @Fokus will contact him soon…

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update : i didn’t get anything yet .
i just noticed he edited the title :joy: ( cheap move ) , i have no problem if i didn’t get the 20$ reward ,
just be careful from this dude if he puts something in the marketplace .
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thanks for the heads up

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@fokus :

I dont know in which situation you are and if you have hardly money. But indeed, you have offered 20$ and it seems like @AbuBakr has given you the answer that you wanted to have. If you are a man or a woman of honour, if your words mean something, and I guess they do, you gonna do what you promised, right?

Or is there any reason for you not doing it? Then please clarify.



Well, to clarify this, I’ll give you guys an answer.
Indeed the title said $20 reward, as I was expecting a bit more engagement on this forum.
Just to give you an example of what I mean:

How was the car build ($20 reward)?

Answer: “They used a screwdriver.”

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This is golden.

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This can be done with Photoshop + After Effects or AE alone.

Your first create the elements you want to have in the video in Photoshop (easier workflow), move and animate them in After Effects with keyframes + masks.

If you need help, dm me! :slight_smile:

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