What proxies and how many?

Hi guys,

How many proxies do people typically use per month and what type of proxies do you buy?

Do you have a preference to the type of proxy you also use to to carry out tasks?

Be great to what you guys are using.

Depends on the type of proxy you want.

For datacenter proxies, usually the ratio is one account to one IP because datacenter proxies have fixed IPs, hence an account will always use the same IP. And is safe to keep the ratio of one to one to avoid any correlation between your accounts.

And for mobile proxies, you can use multiple accounts, because mobile proxies have rotating IPs. This means that your proxy will rotate the gateway IP (the IP advertised to websites) periodically. This rotation is specific to each proxy service. Some have faster rotation while others rotate IPs on longer period of times.

And for the ratio of accounts to proxy for mobile proxies, it is safe to assume a ratio of 4-7 to one. Meaning that you can set multiple accounts (up to 7 let’s say) to an individual proxy.

the proxies choice depends on the task that you want to do for example if you are planning on automating IG you should get 4g mobile proxies for main accounts and DC proxies for slaves and a maximum of 3-4 accounts per proxy.

How many would you typically purchase a month though, 1,5, 10 appreciate it depends on the number of accounts, but just intrigued to know how many a month people typically buy.

I don’t think anyone could answer that, because it really depends on the accounts number if you have 20 accounts you can have 5-7 proxies.

There are some techniques to find a proper one