What proxies are safe and recommened?


There are a lot of proxies around, but which one is the safest that not gets banned quickly by IG?
What are the experiences?

Who is using proxies from Buyproxies for example? How long do you use MP in combination with IG and did you ever expierenced trouble since using it?

I see also a lot of ‘Instagram proxies’ around, do they really work? :slight_smile:

I’m using Highproxies Instagram proxies. They are little bit expensive but I have no issues with them.

They work fine, I didn’t notice any significant downtime and I don’t get my accounts banned (that often :smiley: sh*t happens)

They’re MPs recommended proxies

You can’t create new accounts with Highproxies. At least I had no luck with them.
If you buy accounts they work quite well.

Enjoy !,

and next time try type Proxy in the search function.you will find gold !!

im new here but i’m trying to use proxy providers that are new in buisnes hoping that it’s not used by so many users. So far no problems but it’s only few days so i cant recommend them. It might be total piece of crap later on as i dont know yet.

I’ve been using Highproxies Instagram proxies, 3 accounts per proxy, for 2 months and all good so far.