What Proxies would you use for IG Slav accounts

if you have 50 Aged PVA Accounts as slave accounts

Functions would be :
F/U 500 total / Day
Like own feeds posts 40/Day
Repost Main Account posts 3/Day
Sleep at night 9 hours sleep

what would you choose to keep your slave accounts live longer and save money beside the settings above?

Raw-Mobile Proxies 5:1
Mobile proxies : 1:1
Datacenter IG Proxies : 1:1

raw mobile proxy looks way safer for me, maybe 12hr 1 set of account other 12 hours another set

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Datacenter won’t allow you to do Likes, so that’s out, then the Mobile or Raw mobile will do the work. You are safe with both proposed ratios 5:1 Raw mobile, 1:1 Mobile. I will probably go for the Raw ones as that’s the best quality out there.

You can also forget about the 40 likes (you won’t see any difference from that), and go with a private datacenter, you will need to hire someone to set it up for you. I don’t recommend you to buy datacenter proxies online if you don’t know if they are 100% virgin.

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If you are just testing child account method - stick with mobile proxies (not rotating, that all IP pool would be from the same ISP and country)
When you know how to scale - stick with ipv4 proxies (follow/unfollow, max 500/day)
When you are a master on slave account method and running >500 accounts - you can try moving some accounts on ipv6 proxies and test those accounts with those proxies, maybe you will be lucky :wink:


one of the best answer you can get :smile:

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