What proxy plan choose from Henry Cooper?


I want to use jarvee to grow only two accounts and also scrape users profiles. What proxy type should I buy from Henry Cooper?

Raw-Mobile : Growing, Account Creation allowed ( 20$ /month) - Unlimited Accounts
Mobile : For client management only ( 4$ /month) - 1 to 1 Ratio
Quality : Like blocked, (re)Post Issues ( 1$ /month)
Budget : Like blocked, (re)Post Issues ( 0,5$ /month)

If you have an account specific for scrape, then you can use Budget on it. I did this in the past, without problems. (but I think you can’t buy a single budget proxy. min order should be 5)

If you plan to keep only these two accounts in the near future, then better pick 2 Mobile proxies.

But if you plan in add more accounts, then better pick a Raw-Mobile and add all accounts on it. (I already had >10 accounts running in the same raw proxy, without problems).


Only 2 accounts? And where are you running JV? I’m actually testing 5 accounts in a Win machine without proxies, just the residential IP. No problems in 45 days so far.

If you know what you’re doing as far as settings go, RAW is always best.

It will be running at a VPS.

Well so for that depends the VPS location, if the server and your accounts are in the same country, you will be good without proxy. But also the VPS provider matters.

Hi, I’m currently using social media proxies from High proxies. I have 1 proxy per account. I still get blocks. Is it my setting? I follow from geo location depending on each account.

You’re getting blocks because high proxies are server based and not mobile proxies. Try switching to a mobile proxy.

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Thanks, I see. How many accounts can I have per mobile proxy?

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You can run more than 10 accounts on Raw-Mobile Proxy from @HenryCooper

I have a few on highproxies still (too lazy to switch them also), no blocks. What are you trying to say? Also, all my proxies are DC and barely any temp blocks. Again what are you trying to say?

Mobile isnt the holy grail. Time for people to actually get that. Unless your doing important client management but then again it will NOT keep you from getting blocks magically, it might however be safer since it will be ‘all mobile connection’.

Settings and account quality. Time to figure that out whoever still want to keep blaming bad proxies as THE #1 mistake.

I’m not an affiliate, could care less. Use your granny’s proxies or residential IP for all i care. People just need to stop thinking mobile proxies will solve all your problems.

Don’t PM me for settings or proxy questions please.

Run your account for a bit on your mobile phone only. Interact in every tool IG give you, dont have it connected in this fase. After being IG app only for a bit, add it to J and start running the F tool for a bit only, then after 4-5 days start the UF tool aswell. Again let it run for a bit (days) then start other tools.

FIGURE OUT SETTINGS! (with test slaves on DC’s) and pick the one that stays block free. Make 10 accounts, buy 5 proxies, split it evenly. Use the settings that stay block free on your actual account.

Note that mobile proxies might trigger EV and PV (if the mobile proxies are jumping from one side to the other side of the country).

Not even 50 follows then I get a 3 or 5 day block :pensive:

This :point_up_2: @A_J

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The good things with mobile proxies or proxies in general are, that these can be used on costumer or your own mobile too, so you will be always be able to mask same geo. location :slightly_smiling_face:

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are these a dedicated 4g modem?