What’s the safest way to switch proxy?

I have not switched proxies before, but want to upgrade to something better. In the US.

Make sure that you have “Do not reset ids when changing the account proxy” checked in the advanced profile settings.

If you want to be careful you can limit the number of actions for the first day after moving your accounts.


I usually use Keep accounts valid when changing the account proxy in combination with Do not reset ids when changing the account proxy

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yes, both options need to be checked for a safe transition and you definitely need to to start very slowly with the actions in the first 3-4 days, just like if you are adding a new account, make sure to warm it up correctly.

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You got all great advices here, your account should be fine after changing the proxy :slight_smile:


As others have said.
Keep accounts valid, same device Id in settings.

Make sure the account is logged in on jarvee before you switch them.

Then just wait 2-4 days and start warming up