What service could be offered to a client who wants to get growth without a password?

Hello guys! Can you please tell me what kind of Instagram growth service I could give to one potential client of mine whom is not comfortable by giving her password? What other services are available? Even if its not instagram growth service itself, but any other service that would give a value to a client upfront? Let me now, thank you!

you can use the mother/slave method to grow that client account.

you can offer the client multiple stuff like daily posting, likes, comments…etc

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Hey guys, what are other ways? It’s not about the quantity , but quality. Followers must be niche targeted.

And methods like mother slave are not a good fit, because its not a huge budget client, she doesn’t need an explosive growth. I need a growth like for follow/unfolow, but just any other method so that doesn’t require her password.

Let me know more ideas please!

I think you’ve been to the end of that road ; real, organic and engaged followers can’t be reach for cheap nowadays. Only F/U would be cheap, the rest (IG ads, M/S) would require more budget to get such quality