What service should I use?

I looked into Jarvee which seems perfect to set on autopilot for follow / unfollow and use the like exchange tool for like boosts, but at $60 / month it’s too expensive (my current service gives me 1,000 boosted likes per photo and I can only get 150 boosted with Jarvee for free).

I’ve tried two already, the first one (Instantical) was $10 a month, got about 1k genuine followers per month through follow / unfollow and was perfect until like boosts were dropped to 150 max per post (I guess they are using Jarvee).

The second one (IGcasanova) got 500 lower quality followers per month and cost $25 per month - only bonus is it gives as many boosted likes as I want.

What do you guys recommend?
Thanks :slight_smile:

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, how many accounts you have etc.

The basic license for Jarvee is only $30 a month and you can use 10 accounts with it. It will take a bit of time to learn all the settings and how to use it optimally, but it will give you way more control and potential benefit down the road if you learn how to do this all yourself.


I just have one account - I want to keep building followers and engagement to get free stays at hotels while I travel.

The basic license only includes 150 likes per post, it will cost me an additional $30 to get unlimited shared likes which is why a service or somebody who offers good quality but cheap likes would be ideal - I only post once a week.

I would heavily focus on content first. Now days more luxury hotels are not so much interested in your follower count but what kind of epic content you can create for them that they can reuse in their own marketing.


You are not building engagement by buying likes. You are killing your real engagement. And you are not doing whoever gives you promos a favor as well.

You should grow more followers across all of your accounts (you should have a Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc) at least ONE other social media account. Having only one terrible IG is not very attractive. Hate to be the jerk but that’s reality.

People will tell you to pay for JARVEE and learn and they are right. But you want the cheapest easiest way to go.

Your account probably looks like heck, so at this point I would say just keep doing what you are doing until no one wants to give you promos anymore.

Then start over and do it properly.


When those services go as others have you are in a world of hurt. You risk your account with them too. Listen to others and build your account not destroy it by buying fakes


I have no problems paying the $30 for Jarvee and learning, but the additional $30 for the likes service seems too much and I don’t want my likes per post to suddenly drop from 1,300 to say 500 (13k followers) - is there a service you recommend to buy or exchange hundreds of decent value likes for cheap and I can wind down on this as my followers increase? I could couple this with Jarvee.

Also, does it seem a waste to pay $30 for Jarvee and only manage one account?
I could try managing a few slave accounts, but from reading here I need to also pay proxys and sim cards to verify them - how much extra cost would I be looking at per slave account?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t even bother with slaves, you need to learn how to grow yours and some accounts for the LE.

Create 9 more accounts = Free with methods you can find here.
SIMs, you can get away with 2 more.
Proxies 20 at most


I pay for Jarvee and use it only for one account. Consider it an online course that if you pass (learn) can land you a better job in the future (read: more clients and free hotel stays).

Which Diploma cost $30 these days?

Also: you can study remotely and then work remotely too!


It seems lots of members here use Jarvee and then take on clients - wouldn’t it be a better option for me to become a client and give them the settings I want them to run, than worry about (and pay for) proxies etc and pay the full $29 per month for Jarvee?

I assume this would be cheaper and obviously less time consuming.

Yeah, no. You are looking at a global website. What I charge (what is worth my time, energy, and the back and forth emails, questions etc) is far beyond $60. That’s due to skill, and geolocation. Cost of living where I am is high, so someone that lives where cost of living is less can do it for less.

It doesn’t mean I am any better or worse, but chances of you getting a terrible account manager who runs razor thin profits and takes quantity over quality comes into play.

Plus, since you know nothing about JARVEE (sorry but this is a truthful disclaimer) you know nothing about settings etc, so you will have more questions than a “normal” person. So you will be more work for less money.

You can simply google IG growth companies and find one and hope for the best, but you opened Pandoras box by coming here. I would recommend buying JARVEE and buying 1 really good proxy, or buying a Raspberry Pi proxy and having it installed at a friends house etc while you travel and learn JARVEE as you go. I mentioned that you need more than 1 social media channel and that’s true.

I can’t recommend anyones services as I don’t buy them and asking here will have a huge bias. You should expect to pay anywhere from $50 - $200 for follow unfollow. A Mother slave setup will run you from $500 to $2500 per month.

My honest opinion since you are here is to learn it yourself.


Thanks for the long reply!

I was thinking to pay $4 for a 1:1 mobile proxy to use with Jarvee for my main account, then if I get to grips with it add 9 slave accounts on a $20 raw mobile proxy - so $34 per month at first then stepped up to $54 per month when slave accounts are added.

My main worry is my likes per post dropping by 850 as my current service is giving me 1k bottled likes and I will get 150 through Jarvee Like Exchange - any tips on how to deal with this short term?

In order for you to get 1,000 likes per post, you need each (9 LE accounts) LE account to do 111 likes for each post you want boosted.

You have three very tough choicse ahead of you IMO. You can bite the bullet and learn how to grow real engagement, real likes, OR you can suck it up a bit, learn as you go, OR keep doing what you are doing. You need to do a cost vs benefit analysis for yourself and no one can help you with that.


The starter Jarvee plan has a limit of 150 likes / post with the LE tool - can I get this 150 likes multiple times for the same post using different slave accounts?

No. That’s a hard limit overall. The accounts you put in can accumulate, but you are limited to 150.

Like I said, you have choices to make. Short term? Keep doing what you are doing.

Long term? Get JARVEE, visit here when you can and learn. Grow your account properly. You will benefit more long term by having an account not filled with fake likes etc.


Thanks again.
Do I need both a VPS and a proxy, or just one or the other?
From what I understand, I need a VPS regardless as I have a Mac.

Yes you need a VPS if you don’t have an old windows machines laying around.


Do I need a proxy also, or just a VPS is fine?
The free one year trial VPS from amazon looks good.

It’s not very good. I went over data limits with just 3 accounts. Not worth it at all. Just buy a cheap VPS. And you will need to buy a proxy.


From what I understand, I need a proxy to separate the accounts from each other (IP address wise) so if one is flagged, all the other ones aren’t.

Would a VPS give me a unique IP?
If so could I use just my main account on the VPS but without a proxy?
Or are IP’s shared in general with a VPS and hence I need both a VPS and proxy, even if only using one account?