What services do work for you now for Instagram?

Which services are working the best for you on Instagram atm?

Story interactions have been doing well lately for me

Follow & Unfollow is still the king for me

What constitutes “doing well” these days? :slight_smile:

You Like stories or just view them?

Storyview / Like in a Mother / Child fashion

Nothing has changed since 2 years when it comes about what works / what doesn’t work so much, so if you just got back to Instagram marketing - everything still the same, pretty much.

Find a ROI+ process, then scale it up.

Mass Direct msg

15-50 daily growth of course depending on content and niche

Both but likes are what brings the traffic

really? i feel kinda sad for you…

focus on reels dont mass dm dont mass f/u dont mass like forget about it about those old ass tricks it would work for you 5 years ago. this will only slow you down. if you wanna grow over 50k in less then 6 months , focus on reels dont upload daily watch if they doing well if they hit 100K views in the first day or two let it cook, even 5 days without new reels. let it cook! it will get 500k+ later on. mean while keep uploading posts everyday with similar keywords you using on your reels, if the reel is doing bad 10k-20k upload new daily until one or two booming, and then posts