What should I do that my sending DMs do not go to the hidden section?

Hi guys
I have a question and thank you all for your guidance.

Why do some of the messages I send go to the hidden section in the requests? While at the same time, for some others, the same message does not go to hidden Section

Maybe it would be better to ask like this:

What are the most important parameters in Mass DMs Sending that not to go to the hidden section?

My setup:

  • I use mobile proxy and rotate them.
  • I use accounts older than one year.
  • I have warmed up the accounts to look good. (a few following and followers - a few posts and good activity in a few weeks)
  • Every day, I send only 50 direct messages in 5 consecutive hours (10 DMs Per Hour).

Sorry if there is mistakes in my writing because my language is not English.

I would suspect that this has to do with accounts quality. If you use accounts of a good quality, you shouldn’t have messages going to the Hidden section. That’s my take - eventhough I never experienced that issue myself yet - but I believe either quality/flag might probably be the reason.

Indeed. You only send DMs, as you said.
You might want to start automating your accounts in a more organic way, and also reduce your DMs amounts. Indeed, you can send 50 DMs a day without issue, but when you have issues like you do, you should always slow down and analyze :slight_smile:

Hope it helps.

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Hi Ehsan

I have noticed this.
People you don’t follow and message, that’ll be caught in hidden messages.
Once you simply send a follow request, and then send a message, that message will not end up in hidden section.
Give it a shot and see how that works.

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thanks for help

thanks bro. i will test it.

Quality of the account is what matters here.

Yeah bigger accounts can have a better chance to be seen ive noticed. However I have seen a verified one in the hidden ones before.

I send millions of dms everyday, but can’t avoid sending to hidden. tried everything, no luck. Anyone knows about it?

instagram has this thing called trust score… if all the account does is send DM and nothing else… never got any organic likes from followers etc… it will get hidden…

if the trust score is good, then the next thing to check is your proxy… sending it using ipv4/ipv6 will 99.5% send the DM directly to hidden