What should I do to grow my Instagram personal account?

Looking to grow my personal account by a few thousand followers, what is the best practice for this? I don’t currently have the time to start building out a content strategy. I just need some social proof for the account so quality of followers doesn’t really matter to me.

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Depends if you want real followers or fake.

Fake followers can give you that social proof but it may hinder your account in the future so I advise against this.

Then you have follow/ unfollow. You can do this yourself or pay someone.

Other methods that are more advanced like mother/slave mass dms also.

What niche is it in? And are you wanting to grow it yourself or get someone to do it for you?

The two options, the easy option Follow/Unfollow and a bit more advanced one - Mother/Child. Probably the Follow/Unfollow would be the best for your needs.

As a beginner I would suggest to follow/unfollow
Buying bot followers is not recommended at all

Do a few giveaways mate

I’ll back @tripleyourtribe - if you don’t care about account health in the long run, go with giveaways.

Otherwise, take a day or two to plan a content strategy and start F/UF with quality content. If you want to turbocharge it from there, then add your favourite extra reach method (ads, M/S, DMs, shoutouts).


you can either use Follow/unfollow method like the guys above said or the SMM panels and buy followers for social proof but that will damage your account reach engagement…etc but if you don’t care about that then that’s the way to go, you can use Jarvee for the follow/unfollow stuff.