What should I pay attention to when buying an INS account?

For example, what information do I need to obtain to complete the transaction? Account, password, email, anything else? How to ensure safety?

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Ask if original email is included with IG welcome email.

And do some research about the seller. If you dont know him, pay with paypal for goods.


As @dma0245 mentioned, ensure the account purchase includes the OG email, or the seller could revert back to the original email once you’ve made the purchase and regain access to the account.

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Thank you for your answer.But I don’t understand, what is welcome mail?If I don’t know the seller, is there any guarantee for trading with PayPal,didn’t the money go directly to the seller’s account?

When you register an IG account, you will receive a welcome email from IG. Thats an important thing. So you know you have the original email related to the IG account. Important to get the account back when it’s hacked or gets banned.


You can loose your $ in seconds :slight_smile:

I advice only buy from reputated sellers. With some feedback on sites like this and BHW.


Use escrow.com and you’ll have a three days inspection period to secure the account before he gets paid.