📰 What Social Media Marketing Will Look Like in 2017 - Are You Going Native?

In 2016, a lot changed in the realm of social media. Instagram began using a new algorithm, Musical.ly rose to the top, Twitter took a fall from grace, Vine died and Facebook began to promote its Live and Video content more than anything else. For some people, these changes have left them behind, while others have rode the changes to victory.

Let’s discuss the victors for a minute, and what they know that we don’t.

The first thing people on the cutting edge know is how to create native content. For those who are unfamiliar, native content is content that is designed with a specific platform in mind. The most wide misuse of this right now is Facebook video. Many people are currently using their Facebook to promote their YouTube videos, and finding that their posts are ranking fairly low. If you took the same post but edited the video a little bit to fit Facebook better, than uploaded the video into the actual Facebook posts, your numbers would skyrocket. This is because Facebook gives more weight to native content in its algorithm.

Similarly, if your Twitter and Instagram are still linked, remove that. The two don’t coexist well anymore, and Instagram has definitely carved out its own niche. Linking the two every time you post a picture doesn’t get it in front of a different set of eyes, it gets your post skimmed over or never even put in front of your follows. Nativity is key.

The second thing people on the cutting edge know is when to boost posts. Well it is true that social media marketing can be one of the cheapest ways to get your brand out there, it’s also true that a little money in social can go a long way. If you don’t find your post getting in front of as many faces as you want it to, try boosting it just a little. With a solid knowledge of how to build audience and how the Instagram algorithm works, I boosted an Instagram video last fall from 0 to 25,000 views for $20. Post boosting isn’t always necessary, but it’s imperative that you know when to go through with it.

The third, final, and most important thing people on the cutting edge know is that engagement is the most important metric on social media. While in the past people were considered most popular by the highest number of followers, it’s more about a ratio now. Let me ask you a question: if you had $10 to spend on influencer marketing, are you buying the influencer with 10,000 followers or the one with 5,000? What if the influencer with 10,000 followers only got 500 likes and/or comments on most posts, whereas the influencer with 5,000 followers had 1-2000 likes and/or comments on all of their posts?

The fact of the matter is there’s a lot of dead followers on a lot of accounts. To search for people based on follower count and not on engagement will leave you in the same boat as people spending all of their money on TV commercials still. Gary Vaynerchuk calls marketing the “day trading of attention,” and when trading for attention you need to be looking at what people are actually engaging with, not with what they clicked into one time.

So, what do you think, will you change with the times or keep trying to make it the old fashioned way? What ideas does this give you to improve the way you’re making money today?


You must have facebook accout tide to your instagram so you can boost IG posts.
Am i wrong??

Yes, unfortunately you can’t do this from within IG as there’s no section for that. It needs to be done from Fb.

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Great topic @Johnny :slight_smile: I agree with everything you stated.

I personally think it requires to much time to split my focus between Facebook & Instagram. Instead of getting “OK” results with both, I personally prefer to specialize with one social platform (Instagram) and master it getting “Amazing results”. Although I am limiting my reach to only Instagram, my reach will be far greater than if I were to spend half the time researching Facebook.

Im my opinion Facebook is dying in many aspects and therefor it would be a poor investment of my time at this moment. I am a young adult, and only use facebook when I am seriously bored and want to watch videos on my timeline, read messages on my profile on my birthday, and contact someone that I dont have an email or phone number for. I was having a discussion at a bar with a large party, and they all share similar views on Facebook too. We also were all talking about how complex and cluttered the layout has become making it impossible to keep up with (unless using it daily). Also its starting to get a bit too creepy knowing how much Facebook keeps record of, and the associations they have with agencies. There really is no purpose for Facebook in my personal life along with many others. I have also been seeing a larger older audience now on Facebook while the younger crowd is fading away.

As for the business realm of things, I think Facebook still has some great uses. First off now that is has a larger adult audience (unlike Instagram), so there is a higher chance of targeting a user who has a credit card, and are willing to purchase something. I also think any high ranking website is always useful to add your website urls to since it only boosts your SEO which we can never get enough of. Lastly is great for generating additional traffic, leads, and sales with the Fan Page feature.

All this being said I will still use Facebook to use the Facebook FanPage feature to both get more website traffic, boost SEO, and increase leads and sales. Although I dont plan to maintain it. Instead I use Instagram to generate traffic to my facebook business pages as needed. Ill continue to do what I do best which is Instagram. Maybe once I learn everything about Instagram (probably will not happen) Ill consider learning more about Facebook marketing.

I am waiting for the next BIG social platform to arrive, and I will be jumping on it right away while the competition is low, and all the bugs are fixes. This way I will get the highest success, and fastest growth since I am ahead of the gang.

Just my 2 cents (5 paragraphs) :smiley:


very good 5 paragraphs :joy: , it’s true that it’s better to be master of one that none :smiley: still I think Fb will be around for a long time though it’s true many people stopped adding their personal data to it, there are still so many that do and are oblivious to how it works or what it does so it will still be a paradise for marketers.

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Is that you @Johnny ? :joy:

Well said @BrandonBerner 24 hours isn’t enough for one social media network, can’t imagine doing 2 or 3 at the same time.

As they say power is where the focus is, less focus = less power.


My team and I are working really hard setting up “the biggest bang” social media platform the world has ever had!!! :blush::blush:

P.s I love that paragraph


If its anything like Music.ly then im OUT! :smiley:

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