What software can you use to control phones?

I see some people are using phones to carry out actions, what software are they using?


Good question! Bump :wink: - sorry I couldn’t answer.

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You can use macrodroid in the app store

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currently watching this

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Guys, use Automate on the Google store and download the FiberGram script from their community. Ive been doing 600 follows a day with no blocks.


The block will happen for sure dude

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Well ive been running at 5 days with 2400 follows overall in those 5 days, and no blocks.


Follower assisstant, followers chief

Havent had a problem with Automate except for the odd bugs, but also testing Followers Chief now and seems promising.

This sounds promissing. I’ll try the App Bots out for sure!
Downloaded Fibergram and Followers Chief

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My account was easily compromised using followers chief during the testing period.


In the first day after I tried a mass unfollow, instagram asked me to change the password, I have changed once and after two days I didn’t get again the message

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Yeah it seems like it needs abit of warmup for things to run smoothly. Try running everything on low settings for the first few days.

Every time I login to follower chief I get an email from Instagram to confirm that it was me or reset password…Of course the auto-follow/like part of the app is not working any more but also I am afraid to login just to chekc for unfollowers or ghosts… Anybody here had problems with follower chief?

is there any software on ios or appstore where we can record an action and play it again?
for eg opening notepad clicking on a ig profile like then doing a follow and liking their post and then going to notepad and clicking on the next link and on etc.

there is some on playstore but problem is that anytime i record the script it the app bug and click on the profile instead of the follow button and it make it stop workin

to be fair i think a pretty highquality app that will make this with no us will just solve all our follow action block issue

imagine if it don’t happen i will not need jv , or va’s and it will be cheap for me as manual follow is the solution

only thig i will invest is 4-5 phones turn on/off airplane mode change proxy and that’s it

also if the script allow to switch accounts means that he is in total control of the phone like if you have a little bot on your phone you will not need to switch account but i don’t think this type of app exists…

can we hire an app devloper to devlop something like this?

i think but for something very professional (follow with no bugs ) automatically turn on off airplane mode changing accounts… all things we can do manually i thin it will cost a lot that’s why public apps there is no one that offer that stuff things like that don’t cost 30dollar…

Well I have this developed for the last 2 years and might sell it for the right price and the correct company.
It do works but much harder to maintain/ develop.

And no, don’t use macros/fibergram it is all detectable easily.