What strategy do you guys use to keep FB friends in tier 1?

Right now I am scraping contact from fb pgs and friending random people, I have filter out names that are not english but it seems that all my account are friending people from the middle east and indian. Tier 2 +3. First they don’t really understand english. How can I make my accounts friend people from tier 1 countries.

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How do you choose pages to scrape from?
Pay attention to that.

I would scrape users who liked fb pages of local business in USA. They don’t have to have many fans, couple of 1000s should be enough. The more fans they have the higher possibility of people from tier 2,3 countries liked them.

Also think about scraping users from groups. Search for groups with US cities in their name, highschool, US university groups, some kind of local support groups.

Politics related groups :slight_smile: I found these interesting, for example “Democrats Chicago, Republicans Washington…” People who joined them are mostly americans, no reason for asians or europans to join those groups.


I ran some tests. The accept friend under acc action module is more under the radar than just scraping random people from pages/groups. With that said, it is best to fill out the FB profile with as much details as possible, this includes location, educations ect. Then the suggestion tool will suggest people that you may know, plus with the name filter, we can further filter out only american names.
Problem now is that I have like 50 fb acc without any profile detail set on them, it would be tedious step to go through all of them, would be nice for mp to implement something that sets profile details.


I like this idea. I tried training an assistant to do it once but took too much work. It would be nice to have a list of 1,000 U.S. Cities, 1,000 Job names & businesses, 1,000 High schools, colleges, etc., 1,000 interests, and just plug that into a module that will slowly and randomly update that over a month on all of your accounts.

I would have paid a few hundred dollars for access to a module like that. I spent probably a grand trying to train an assistant one time to do it, and it didn’t work. Partly due to my inexperience as a boss, also to her inexperience with massplanner & multiloginapp. There was a guy from Bangladesh who had lots of experience with multiloginapp and I think he could do it, but I’ve since moved away from needing accounts on Facebook. I may need them again soon though.

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