What the pefect email to create IG accs

i start create my own accs and i m looking for perfect email service

gmail or hotmail or yahooo of somthing else

Any email works
But for mass account,make sure you have good proxies

Only testing, testing and once again, testing can give you the answer. Same mails may work different in different cases

any email accounts works. Rediffmail, yahoo, gmail, these accounts will work for ig

When you want to safe yourself some time, make sure to ‘enable less secure apps’. Then you can automotically email verify your account in Jarvee without going manually into your email inbox.

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Gmail by far works the best from my experience right after hotmail.

If you are going to buy emails… I’ll suggest that you avoid yahoo mails. Because there security is tight nowadays and they might start asking for phone verifications when logging into your emails. For bought emails, you will most likely don’t have access to the numbers used and that means you will be locked out easily. Lost a couple of IG accounts I had created due to such issues.

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I’m using domain emails for Creating Accounts, and it works fine!
And the positive thing that Can create bulk accounts with Domain Emails.

I think the best is a fake mail to create and then change over to a gmail. Once you apply for an account with a email and something goes wrong, kiss that email goodbye.

I use hotmail simply because my main email is gmail and I want to have both open at once.
So if your main is hotmail - gmail, otherwise use hotmail.

So much misinformation here.

Definitely stay away from Hotmail, you can have lots of Verification Processes later. Until few weeks ago I wasn’t even able to enter my own email for months which I had already for years (2010). I had password and phone number but they wanted to know the content of the last 3-5 emails in the inbox (for sure everyone knows that).

My recommendation is Yahoo with less secure apps enabled. Needs phone verification in the beginning but less headache later. You can automotically verify them in the Software. When it’s not working enter them with a dynamic IP and unique user agents or Device IDs to stay safe. Every provider is different but I would never enter bulk amount of email accounts from the same provider on the same IP.

Also don’t buy emails. You will never have full control over the emails and the seller can re-sell them easily. I made the mistake - lesson learned.

Create them either manually with rotating or dynamic IPs or use a software to do this automatically. Use real Sims or Smspva for Phone Verification on registration.

Had 80/100 Yahoo with LS enabled ask for a phone verification about a month in.

Would not recommend these accounts unless you like losing your instagram account to a simple EV. If they think the account was hijacked they will ask for a PV at any time. Only use these accounts if you have access to the original phone number or have a backup email set up on each one. Luckily I only lost 20 instagram accounts.

What would be your advice @shaneblay1 ? Gmail?