What this guy did to make his channel bigger?

this person is Indonesian,
he has a channel that doesn’t even have the slightest clickbait on the title and thumbnail,
nor does he subtitle the video, but he got millions of views and comments.
What makes me suspicious is that his comments are from Arabic and Indian which seem random and meaningless!!
can anyone help me research this channel?

the channel name is fendy shinta pratama official

The accounts that comment him are fake, i’m sure the comments and like come from some smm panel or other service that provide fake likes/ comments

but this guy get miilion usd

I have just researched the channel and maaan this dude is definitely doing something crazy 200k subs almost 12 M views last month @ossi what do you think I know you are doing some youtube stuff what do you see there?

I have no idea what trick that guy is doing. I thought he bought views but the comments on his videos don’t make any sense, they’re just random letter/words which have no meaning at all. A lot of people ask him how he does that, but he won’t reveal the trick. :smiley: It seems the guy makes around 5000 USD per month from his channel.

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I’d like to know where you guys are getting the $5,000 USD per month from. Fake views aren’t monetized and real views that come from the third-world result in much lower revenue.

Looking suspicious but he’s got a niche at least. Perhaps there are some people who are interested in these kind of stuff.

This guy is making the most money out of YT in my country. People say he’s making $20k per day out of these stupid videos :smiley:

The dude links two or three other channels and there’s definitely something weird going on.

I went on Five Family Official (94k subs, 300k+ video views on every video). He had just premiered a video 30 minutes prior and it only had 90 views, which seems very low for a channel of that size that gets 300k views in two days.

dude i checked it out and im pretty sure those “random meaningless words” youre talking about is actually just indonesian. i live in malaysia but cant really read malay/indo but im sure those are actual words and not gibberish… lol

oh yeah and these are targeted at kids that click on the brightest looking thumbnail and colour. absolutely traumatizing

I’m referring to the Arabic comments on that channel. They look like they are posted by bots. Even comments that were written in Bahasa got replies in Arabic. Bahasa is actually my native language so, I can understand Indonesian comments. That’s how I know some Indonesians have asked him to share his ‘secret’, but he won’t tell ofc. :joy:

just imagine how much creativity he does :grin:, zero, some videos have 1.50 min and 100 million views, just crazy :man_facepalming:

As fellow indonesian, I know that he does blackhat, and reading some comments I think he does that in group

It seems he joined a group or maybe he owns it and shares about his YT journey there. Let me know if you somehow find the group he’s in. :grinning:

Please check your PM buddy

found something? i need answer pls

read all comment found VPN was used…not sure how.

Disgusting content in my opinion, I don’t know who can watch this trash. He also grow rapidly since 1 year ago not sure what kind of blackhat methods is he doing but I think its not natural or legit.

Who knows, but I assume if your viewers are mainly kids, you can get book effect over night :smiley:

yes completely disgusting and the problem is that the channel is still growing daily :man_facepalming: