What time the link in the profile will be clicked

I am listing here the times when the link in the profile will be clicked. . The idea is to give the users the thoughts about when it happens and thus become more creative about increasing the sales.

  1. when the profile visited for the first time - this could happen
    a. searched for the profile
    b. direct linking ( from any other traffic sources )
    c. when someone follows the profile.
  2. When the content is posted
  3. Grab the attention by showing interest in other,s content by liking commenting etc…

So to get more clicks, either the content should be posted regular or increase the follow and unfollow ( so that new people will always find the profile and clicks on the link )

Please feel free to add if you think of any other . I will update the list.

Yeah, I guess that’s pretty much it. Maybe also when you like a lot of of other people’s stuff. The idea is to grab the attention of other people, they will come back to your account and probably click the link if the account seems interesting.

Yep, that is in fact a great point. Updating it…