What to charge for shoutouts?

Hey guys,

I’m a few thousand followers away from 50k on my personal account and average 3-5k likes per post and some companies have reached out to me recently about doing promotional content for their products. A company recently asked about my rate for a 12hr promotion, 24hr promotion and 48hr promotion. I’m obviously dying to monetize my following but am new to actually being a high enough profile influencer that brands would want to pay me. What do you all consider appropriate pricing for me to suggest to these people? I obviously want it to be worth my time but don’t want to ask for too much and have them go elsewhere.


Anywhere from $10-$20 for a 24hr promotion should be good

i havent tried this yet, but worth a bit of exploring - a friend of mine proposed to use a “dark post” for shoutouts.

Meaning… you place an ad for their promo - from your account.
They lean on your branding for social proof.
As a Plus for you, it doesn’t get seen by your followers - removes harm that youre trying to hard sell from ur account.

The investment would be for the ad cost + what you charge to have your page associated with their brand.

Would you consider that? or old school shoutout for XX time-period?

For old school shouts,
Your engagement, relationship with fans and demographics of your followers are what is seen as VALUABLE.
Because they trust you.

How much engagement are you getting?


This seems extremely low to me for a 50k influencer account. I would not bother posting any kind of sponsored post unless it’s $100 or more. $10 is a joke.


200-300k views… 80-170$

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Are you saying 200k-300k follower accounts only charge $80-$170?

I’d have to imagine influencer accounts are paid more relative to a niche account because it’s a more personal connection.

If 0.0001% of your followers bought a product @ $10.00, that would = 5 sales for the company = $50.00 in revenue. If they can make $50.00 off of you from just 0.0001% of your followers, then they can afford to pay you at least $50.00 for a 24-hour post. I mean seriously, if just 0.0001% of your followers purchase a product, they’ll break even on what they pay you.

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30 to 50 dollars – aint going to get rich selling shoutouts

one can get a 1 mill page shoutout for 4 hours - 50 bucks


These have to be low quality pages and not individual influencers. Everyone I know with 100k+ followers (influencer accounts - not niche accounts) charges $100+ every post. If it is a general niche account, I could totally see a lower price. But not for an influencer with active engaged followers.

ya getting swindled


what is the charge for stories and what is the charge for the day in the main profile feed?

The thing is I don’t care if the shoutout is from an influencer or not. My ROI matters.


Damn… who do I contact for that?!

This sounds incredibly interesting. Does anyone have experience with this? I’ll give ya this :cookie: if you share your experiences with us.

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Same, I’d like to know too

Hey! I would definitely say charge at least $100 for a personal influencer account. You’ll start killing your following unless you’re posting really great content type ads. And if they’re paying $100, more than likely they’ll work with you so that you can create the best! just my opinion, most accounts I sell ads on have 2-3M followers which is a much lower quality post tbh.