What to choose when promoting Instagram post? Experienced help needed


I am wondering what to choose when promoting an Instagram post:
-send message
-get more profile views?

What pays off better?

That really depends on what your goals are … that’s why there’s more than 1 option .

Are you trying to sell a product or a service ? Get engagement and interaction with potential customers ? Create brand awareness ? Redirect people to a certain call for action ?

These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before deciding what works better for you …

Know and set your goal first of all, then explain it here and someone might be able to help out .)

Having said that, there’s no better advice than to test by yourself, A/B tests are still the best you can do , be it instagram, facebook or google ads .

I want to sell products and services.

I had great roi before but all of the sudden conversion rates jumped very very high so i was thinking maybe trying insted of “send message”
To set campaign ti “visit profile”, maybe i ll get more sale for same money