What to do after Clear Cookie

When i do clear cookie it’s always a temporary solution because when i follow max 15/20 personn per day same problem of block appear again so what do you after clearing cookies do you follow right after with low settings like you was on warmup phase or you start like you were before the block and for the start of action after cookie clearence do you wait 24hours or start right after it ?

First check if you are blocked by manually following in the embedded browser. If you are blocked then leave it for a day or two. If you are not blocked, then you can clear cookies, and restart the tool.

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Do you make your clients turn off two factor authentication?
Or do you make them send you the backup codes?


rest it up to 1 week and start again the warm-up

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Why would you tell him that? @mrspuf Lol.

When you get a block, pause the account for a period of time, then clear cookies and attempt to follow. If blocked, double the pause and repeat.

Double Lol @Klique - he didn’t ask how to do the clear cookies, he asked what to do AFTER you clear the cookies: http://prntscr.com/oqmjsn

And per your explanation:
What does that mean for “a period of time” - 1 day? 1 month? 1 year? - unclear
“attempt to follow” - very unclear! What does that mean? - you hover with the cursor over the Follow button and you stop before you press follow to make an attempt? You follow or you don’t :slight_smile: - If it’s blocked, then rest it more, 2 weeks, change proxy etc.

I don’t encounter at all these blocks with my setup so there’s that

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Why would you rest for a month? Use a bit of common sense. Attempt to follow means attempt to see if it will allow you to follow or not. Once again, common sense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry, I never waited a week or 2 weeks to follow after clearing cookies… 6 - 18 hours has been more than enough.

Hi Klique, After the 6-18 hours rest do you restart the warm up from beginning? Thanks in advance :raised_hands:t3:

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@Tyson, hey… No, in gmt2 when I get a block, I’ll just pause 6-18 hours, then clear cookies, then resume back where I left off at. If block persists, double the amount of time I originally paused for, clear cookies and resume.

It wouldn’t make sense to warm up each time if you’re doing it every day, ya know?

Hey I think that make sense!! Thanks for the advice!!

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just restart action tool (follow/unfollow)
if you’re still blocked, open EB and check if you can follow profiles.

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Okay and Do you change ip whenever you get hit by action block or do you let the same ip even after action blocked knowing that it got flagged with it

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No need to change the IP, unless it’s been flagged. Getting an action block doesn’t equate to being flagged. You should continue to use the same IP. Changing IPs, devices, etc. too often is not good and will lead to your account being flagged eventually.

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Okay and how you know if the ip got flagged or not if it’s not with action block ?

Depends on the client. Once you’re in you’re in, so if you can co-ordinate the codes easily then do it that way. If not, they can turn it off - but I try avoid inconveniencing them where I can.

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Okay and if block persist even with that steps does that mean it’s 100% a proxy problem ?

Not necessarily. You just need to wait for the block to subside and then continue with caution.

What do you mean with caution because @Klique suggested to continue same settings as before

Also if the block still happen even after thia “caution settings” it can only be proxys