What to do after you hit explore?

I own multiple instagram accounts and recently started up on a new project. I started the account 5 days ago and I haven’t botted it at all. I have 300 followers and hit explore on my last post which has 35k views and 3k likes.

Now that I have hit explore what do I do on my next post to keep the consistency up and hit explore on most of my post?

On one of my older accounts i was able to hit explore every other post but that was because I was in multiple telegram groups. Without that help I don’t know how I am going to keep hitting explore, any help?


Well done! Repeat what you did to hit the explore the first time. Keep jabbing.


You’re actually lucky to hit it in such a fast time. I got my explorer page after months of work and still didn’t know how things worked back then.


In my experience it’s fairly easy to hit the explore page, harder to capitalize off of it. I would recommend what everyone is saying. Whatever recipe you are using just keep using it. I hit explore quite a bit with my business page, but never go viral. (Thats not the point of this page anyhow)


I definitely would not of hit it so fast if it weren’t from past experiences, I know a lot about how Instagram works so that is how I was able to do it so quickly. On my first accounts Back when I first started I didn’t even know how the explore page worked or “popular page” as they called it back then😂


Thank You! I will be sure to rinse and repeat hopefully it will work just as well as it did the first time.

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We all must learn the ropes somewhere :slight_smile:

Do you also mean by using the same hashtags if they had success?