What to do if link is blocked by IG/FB

Two times now my link has been blocked by IG/FB from being sput in BIO - This is not a adult site or CPA site and is a LEGITIMATE shopify store.

I know the reason that this block was put into place is that so many accounts have the same link in their bio but these are REAL LEGIT accounts of influencers and people that promote the brand and there are many LEGIT stores like this that have the real thing.

So what I am asking is if anybody has a solution?

I know I can ask facebook to review it but they will never respond and it’s like talking to a wall.


Make a cloacking link.
Make a short link and pre lander.
Make a different domain.
For starter try to search about link cloacking.
Good luck bro.

I made a new domain and made it the primary domain for the store and within minutes it was blocked from being put into my bio.

As this is a branded store its important there is no shitty prelander mybullshit.dodgyscam.com links

well now you need to ether cloack a new one or create a New Domainlet empty add it it to the bio than install theme in and add ur products!

This is due to the amount of spam they see

  • They’ll block certain websites known to be linked to by spammers in their profiles.
  • They won’t allow links to websites with explicit content.
  • They’re blocking links that appear on a number of accounts within a short period.
  • Shortened links – such as bitly – are suspect since it’s unclear what you’re linking to.
  • Funny, fake website names may be blocked (don’t use a fake URL).
  • Domain names using elements or misspellings of Instagram have been blocked.
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Did you try https://linktr.ee/ ?