What to do when one account on a proxy gets banned?

If you have multiple accounts on one proxy and you notice one gets a ban / block, does it makes sense to stop actions on all accounts until the proxy IP changes?

If we turn off all tools and campaigns - will this be enough to disassociate the account from the "bad’ IP address until it has changed?

I had 2 account bans, followed by a reban, at which point I stopped all tools (but forgot to stop campaigns).
I then got one account comprised and 2 PVs - all accounts are on the same raw mobile proxy.

Is there a better suggestion other than stopping tools and campaigns until IP changes?

Stop all activity for that proxy at least 24-48h then resume.


Is turning off all tools and campaigns enough for stopping all activity, or do I need to do anything else?

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Stop the accounts and stop the campaigns. If you stop accounts tools doesn’t matter if they are stopped or not


That is playing it way too safe. I have more than 15 accounts on one proxy and if one gets rarely banned I dont do anything special.

You need to think logically. On a raw mobile do you think IG would ban an entire network of phones because one person on it was caught doing something bad?

Honestly by the point you’ve managed to get an account disabled, most likely the others are already flagged if there’s something wrong with them as well. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, check your settings and make sure nothing setting wise is incorrect and then just proceed as normal.

For example I had 4 accounts get disabled and a dozen PVs yesterday which seemed odd, I looked at my settings and it turns out around 35 of my accounts that were supposed to run in the evening I accidentally set to run during the day so I straight up had 70 accounts all doing actions simultaneously on the same proxy…which caused some flaggings.

I corrected the issue, took my licks and things have been fine since.


How do you “stop the accounts”?

@Tacos, he didn’t specify what proxy he is using

@cowboymug -> http://prntscr.com/ooa5k6


True, but if he’s stacking accounts on any proxy besides 4G then he is asking for far more trouble than one or two bans

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Hi, can you tell us what kind of proxy you use, thanks!

I’m using Henrycooper raw mobile @Tacos @mrspuf

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I also agree, stop all actions for 24-48 hours and try again. but go slow and warm up.

You have to balance between being careful and being risky. Because if you’re gonna be too cautious you’re gonna start losing progress & money etc.