What to promote with hot babes (adult) niche?

Hi, guys!

As the tittle says - I’m looking for some stuff to promote with my adult niche page
For spammy accs - i use offers like adult dating and etc, but in this case I’m looking for some white hat offers/products, because i do not want to get disable 300k account :slight_smile:


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Good question, I don’t have an answer because I’ve been trying to figure out how to monetize one without selling porn affiliate stuff, which would ruin the website I’ve got for it.

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Make shoutout to dating offers from your own small pages.

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I guess u mean TO small not FROM

Anyway there’s a possibility to get a lot of reports which can lead to get disabled main account

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How about shout outs to actual lingerie shops and all that? Not just the page, but the actual store?


Lets be realistic:
90% of my followers are kids who wants to see naughty ladies or adults who wants to “fup” on sexy girls.

In first case - kids do not have money to buy some stuff.
In second case - adult users will not buy some lingerie, cause they do not need that (cause there is 90% of males ).
They just want to see/ to chat with hot girls and that all.

So thats why its not easy question

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sexy calendars? shoutout to models. Best option…sell account.

Some of them might be interested to buy some “magic” or “epic” products to get a big dick : ))


Hot babes typically equates to an audience of males who are at or beyond puberty. So why not just focus on niches for that audience. (male enhancement, video games, gym shoes, t-shirts, car stuff, shaving razors, sports stuff, men’s fitness, men’s nutrition and supplements, cool electronics, vape equipment, watches, knives, guitars, etc…)

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There is an website called “skyprivate”. It’s like chatroulette, but clearly about camsex and the people can see each other. What do you guys think about that? They have an affiliate program where you get 3$ per lead or 20%. Something like that. I don’t know how Instagram react on something like that. I only know that some cam girls have Instagram accounts and promoting their own profile of this website, as I researched with the Hashtag #skyprivate.

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Hey @Verona, do you have a quick update about your journey so far and if you are promoting something in the adult niche?

Hi, sure. I just sold all of them (accounts i mean) :slight_smile: And I’m still sure it was the most right decision

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