What to reply to clients when they are getting angry about follow action block?

I have got Follow Action blocked on 20/25 clients, Many users globally experiencing this.
Right now I am sharing Twitter and Instagram screenshots , so as to cool down clients.

How are you keeping peace with clients? What are you replying to them?

Exactly as you are, providing them with data shown on down detector, people who are experiencing this on the Instagram subreddit… telling them it will cool down with time.


You could inform them about the situation that everyone is having problems with IG. Prepare a long email with lots of images to back your facts. Screenshot every source that you have, put some links from popular websites that are stating that lots of people are experiencing the follow block issue.

Also, tell them that you are monitoring this closely and will keep them updated if anything comes up.


say them it’s a "global bot blackout "


Back it with data and remind them its due to IG updated affecting almost everyone, as stated above. I would also add that reminding them of the long term ROI and results they’ve already seen gets them more focused on bigger picture. It helps them realize this is temporary, you’re on it and things will be moving again soon.

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Let them know that many people are having issues and that these things have happened in the past and have been resolved.

Do you tell you clients you’re using a bot then too?

Haha yes, tell them you’re using a bot :wink:

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I’m trying to find links, but unable to find any. Can anyone please help? :slight_smile:

That’s what I send my clients:
Hope it helps!


These days something is going on with the Instagram system. Regardless of any of our activities, there is a lot of bugs and stuff regarding Instagram. This happening to a lot of people using Instagram these days.

I would recommend that you would change your password and let me know the new one.
We will shout down your activity on our system till you tell us this block is over.

Does changing password help in order to get rid of follow block?

nope, but it cant hurt…

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I would play the “IG is facing issues right now” card at the moment and wait it out.