What tools let you automate explore page engagement?

I’m a noob and a non-jarvee user. Don’t know if Jarvee or any other tool automate your actions of engaging on posts from your explore page.

Jarvee certainly does!

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Jarvee Like tool can like posts from Explore page.
If you want to comment, you can use the like tool to scrape the posts from Explore page, then send them to your comment tool Sources tab.

so it likes all at once on the specified posts and then comment on them in another separate session after the liking is done on ALL those specified posts?

no, the like tool will scrape posts > send them to comment tool > jarvee will leave comment on those posts.

If you want to like the posts as well, you can use this option in Comment tool Settings tab:

I have never used Jarvee. I just wanna know if the like and comment actions appear humane in Jarvee. Generally a user would like and comment on the post simultaneously (with just few seconds gap in between both actions) and then move on to another post.
Just wish to know if this thing can be imitated using Jarvee.

Jarvee simulates human behavior with its actions. You can do that the way @ossi explained. They have a free trial so you can try it out.

Due to some reasons, I can’t use Jarvee. At least not now.

Can you tell me if it has a feature to engage with our own saved posts?

LIke, I save bunch of posts but do not like or comment on them. Later, I come back and scrolls through them and then like and/or comment on them.

You are really missing out tho. It is de facto the “industry standard” for Instagram automation.


I don’t think there is option to like or comment on saved posts. However, there is option to automatically save posts, if that part can help. You can also contact their support and ask for these features and if they are maybe planning to add it.

there indeed is an option in app as well as desktop browser to like & comment on saved posts.