What type of Proxy have I?

Hey guys, how can I find out, what type of Proxy my Proxy is?

I recently purchased a 4G Proxy and just want to make sure that it really is a 4G. I heard that it’s possible to see when checking the IP, but I don’t remember the exact way

you can use the what my IP website to check the exact IP that you are using.

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We use IPleak.com - IP leak test and My IP Address, DNS Leak Test, WebRTC Leak Test, IPv6 Leak Test, HTTP Headers, IP Whois - BrowserLeaks


It’s not always accurate though, you have to search for the carrier names where the proxy is based.
and then check on these websites. Sometimes browser leaks show cellular for residential as well.
It’s not difficult to manipulate the MTU size for resi connections

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whoer.net this is whay i use