What VPS do you guys use


I tried contabo last month and the vps was laggy and slow. It used to be good but now bad. What vps do you guys use?


Try Hetzner.
I’m using Hetzner for a while and so far so good.
Go to their server auction and you may try the servers with SSD’s and CPUB higher than 8000 or maybe 9000
[I used contabo as well. Indeed contabo was laggy]



Been using them for 5+ years. I think they were down one day total and it was that famous DDS Europe attack.


There are many many providers, many offers trials and you can test for months. It depends on your need, how many account etc.
I’m kinda impress that nobody use a old pc as server for jarvee, unless you have a really big network or a bad ISP it should be the ideal for most. Better performance/cost ratio, half of the vps price is windows license.
Would love to hear more from more experienced user who have may gone through this.


I’m currently using - Hyonix very good vps for me so far 100% uptime pretty decent price too.

Someone did mention a crazh cheap VPS solution on here the other day though so will soon be trying that out.


I use greencloud newseo2-package have 45 accounts running no problem.


Hetzner is really good (speaking of own experience). However depending on the server you chose, it may also become laggy when you put a huge load of accs on it. If you have more than 300 accs it makes sense to work in consecutive night shifts (so that not all accs are running at the same time).


How many accounts are you running


how many accounts do you have?
It seems very cheap and has Windows


I’m going to try Hetzner as the friend says @ nm9013, it gave me a lot of confidence


Im currently running around 30 accounts on mine with the cheaper plan of $10 a month :slight_smile:


Is $ 12 real with Windows installed?


my server has windows server 2012 installed. Use coupon BHW saves 10% off too. I know @SZarkic made a thread of a VPS provider who is even cheap though!


Happy with AWS right now. Easy and fast to remote access as they have servers close to my location.


Hyonix. 10.8$ monthly. Very satisfied. running 15 accs with ease.