What Web Host Do You Use?

I realize most of us have Instagram accounts, but many of us also have e-commerce stores, blogs, etc.

Where do you host your website(s)?

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I dunno how, but I ended up with Namecheap.com hosting for my wp websites.

Probably because they had good Black friday hosting offer and I never bothered to move it.

Anyway, I didn’t have many issues with them, and even when I did, support was great and solved everything pretty fast.


Siteground =fast =cheap =service👍

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Another Namecheap user here. Got a good deal on my domain and have never had a reason to change.

Smooth sailing since day one! Never had to use their support as everything was signposted through their blog and I’ve not hit a snag big enough to warrant the extra help.

Hosting stuff myself for all kinds of projects. From simple WP sites to self-coded Python/Django/Flask apps :slight_smile:

Using njal.la for my mediabuy sites & landers and for regular WP sites and “normal” stuff I go with OVH but always dedicated or VPS machines

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Yeah, Namecheap might not have the fastest servers.
But, they are the best in the business when it comes to customer service + their pricing is the most reasonable you could get.
And their servers are fast enough for me.


I second this.

I use Hostwinds since 2018 and quite happy with them. Good performance and affordable prices. They also have managed and unmanaged VPS at good prices.