What WordPress theme is this?

Can anyone help me find what theme used in this site?

I know it is a WordPress theme.
And I checked the site with this

What is need to know is, where can I find this particular theme.
I checked ThemeForest. Nothing found

If anyone knows, really appreciate your help/



@nm9013 No expert, but it looks like it is a dark theme (located in the source elements).

I right clicked, inspect element, then search for wp content, and dark theme came up.

Here is how to do it:

Here are free dark themes (no affiliate, straight link) that i found:

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Thank You @MrBrad595
I’m specifically looking for this theme and that is mainly for an affiliate site.
Anyway, I appreciate your time and help

Have a Great day!!

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Hello with this plugin you can clone that Web


there’re a chrome extention to see the plugin/ theme used and you can easily too click right and view source and there in wp theme you’ll see the used theme

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It’s not very well designed and is probably custom made

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Thank You @Juliannua
Always appreciate your help

Thank you for your help mate.

Indeed it is. But, I had this client who is an affiliate marketer. And I know for sure he was making decent $3000 per month by promoting products and he extensively used the same theme.
The backend of this theme is super convenient for doing affiliate stuff and I was thinking using this theme (if it is available of course) for some of the ‘affiliate efforts’ I try.
By any chance, if you know a theme similar to this, it would be so kind of you to share it here

I don’t know the theme,but you can easily do this with Thrive Architect.


it does not matter the theme you can use elementor as stated above and go watch some youtube videos how they imitate great website design with elementor or you can use the ready made template provided by elemzntor or use w.e theme you have a bunch of themes dont stuck yourself like this by sayin no i want this one thats good to be stuborn sometimes but only good if you know how to get it and if you see thats blocking you then look for another solution

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Love you guys. As always, helping each other.

I see that Elementor and Thrive are rocking.
I’m gonna try Elementor first as @said_L.O.M suggested.
Thank You so much

No idea :confused:

If you want to use them for free (virus free too) you can download any plugin from here.(including Thrive architect and Elementor Free). Thrive architect > Elementor

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remember that elementor has plenty of addon that make life more simple , youtube is your friend

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