What would be the best way of gaining likes/engangment to personal facebook page?

Hello , So im not going to send exactly links or anything but basically, im making music , and uploading to IG all good, instagram is growing. But for facebook i genuirely giving up , so i was purchasing likes i spent arround £100 ( not a lot i know ) by targetting and using different targeting settings ( interests,age, locations, etc ) and i used to run adds for £1 etc for some of them i literally got 0 likes for that 1 pound so ya…
So i know its most common method in this group , make fake profiles and invite people, but i was thinking wouldnt that be a little bit " spam " or something ? i mean it sounds and it is very dodgy and not sure whether im stupid or i just think thats not good way of growing facebook page , so is theres any other ways , doesnt matter paid/free i could try ? thank you.

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Inviting people to like your page isn’t really spamming imo.

You can invite them only in two scenarios:

  1. They are friends with your profile and as a friend you have option to invite them, FB encourages inviting friends to like your page so there’s nothing wrong with that. In the end, you’re just inviting them to like, not forcing, they have a choice :slight_smile:

  2. They already liked one of the posts on your page. It’s logical. If your post reached them somehow and they reacted to it, they might be interested in rest of the content on your page so FB gives you an option to invite them although you’re not connected in any other way.

Now, about using multiple profiles… Well, it’s against FB ToS to have more than one profile… If you’re worried about that, you can always ask friends to help with invitations - add them as editors and use their profiles to send invites. It’s even better solution since real, aged profiles can invite more users, usually up to 1000 per day.

Newly created profiles can invite less. Now, I don’t know exact limit but some are able to invite 100, some 500,it really varies, but they’re not able to perform good as old ones.


make a fake account, join big facebook groups related to that niche and advertise your page.