What would be your best advice on this topic?

Hello guys, it’s me again. I really want your opinion and advice on the following: I currently have a couple of 1+years aged accounts that have been running without any problems at 500-575 followers per day with an 8 hour sleep time. Since today I’ve started unfollowing and I want to know from you what YOU would do in terms of unfollowing and also actions per day.

Basically the time where i convert the most is between 8:00-18:00, later or early doesn’t convert anything. So should I increase the speed of following so that it only follows between this timespace, and then start the unfollowing from 19:00-24:00. Like that I would still have a sleep time but could unfollow on the same day when following. Because today, as i previously said was my first day of unfollowing. I basically unfollow the whole day. Warming unfollowing up with 450-500 unfollows. Tommorrow I will do 600-700 and then 900-1000. Is that okay or would you do it more slowly?

Furthermore, do you think I could decrease my sleeptime, and do you think I could increase my daily followings ? To prevent losing much money on these unfollowing days. (Which will always be tuesday to thursday) I thought I could run the like tool whilst running the unfollow tool. I thought about liking 500-575 a day just like when following. Do you think I could increase that number, or not?

Guys, sorry for the long post and the questions. I really appreciate you answering, even if it’s only one of the many questions asked. I’m just really curious what you would do since I can’t afford testing around much, even though sooner or later I definitely will.

BTW, I will be writing a thread about everything useful I’ve learned so far about my experiences and everything I’ve learned on my journey this far. I also don’t have any problems with PVA’s or Bans and I was thinking of sharing what I do to keep them out of the door. Even though I might not know much, I still want to give something to this forum back.
If you have read this far, you’re awesome !

Unfollowing is a sacrifice we have to make :slight_smile:

To make up for the lost time, you can use Like tool while unfollowing, just like you said.

However, you’re able to unfollow more, 1000-1200 shouldn’t be a problem along with 1000 likes per day, but only if you’re gonna use just unfollow tool for that day. Don’t follow and unfollow 1200 in the same day, they’ll probably block you.

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thank you :slight_smile: I will try that