What would you do with a list of 4.7million accounts?

I have a list of every account hypeauditor has a report on, in total it’s 4,750,000

I was going to add them all to my analytics tool but it might kill my servers at the moment, might add them when I switch to AWS.

Any other ideas?

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Can you give more detail? What kind of information and in what format are those accounts in?

You can DM me if you don’t want to give out the details in public. I have been a database programmer for 10-15 years so that’s my area of expertise. :slight_smile:

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why not set up a competitor service… HA is very much overpriced

I already do most of it with Kwenchy.com

But would need to categorise them and build a tool to identify fake followers

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5 Million entries should not be a problem.

We are maintaining a dataset of roughly 200 million and its doing fine with a small cassandra cluster.

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It’s just the user names.

I’d need a load of proxies to update them daily

I could push it out to weekly but the cron would max out, I could run a few installs

If you only have usernams, I think it has no value. If you want their data, you need to refresh everything, so you might as well search for new ones that interest you.

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Or you might approach this completely wrong :sweat_smile:


I’m all ears if you are in an educating mood

I’d need to run it on my fb anyway

It’s actually really easy to gets these, bit of the old SEO head came in handy

If you want to know how to get them DM me

Or you can do a crawler by tag on ig collecting username, there are many ways my friend :slight_smile:

Scrape the xml sitemap :wink:

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Hey Colin - any chance you can share that list…? Or I can maybe pay something for it?